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Begin the Journey of Self-Reflection

Updated: May 21, 2019

We sometimes fly on autopilot because we have kids to manage, work responsibilities, and a house to run. We don’t take time to reflect or examine if how we are feeling is appropriate or an over-reaction. We often dismiss our feelings or ignore them. Which of these fits you? For me, I used to bulldoze through feelings without taking time to explore how a triggered feeling influenced my behavior, attitude or interaction with another.

This creates unnecessary conflict in a relationship leaving the other party sometimes shell shocked by our reaction or under-reaction. Ignoring or dismissing triggered emotions can be more harmful than you think.

The beginning steps to change are recognizing there is a problem, then being willing to do something about it. Taking time to reflect on our feelings, our behaviors and attitudes can produce positive changes that enhance how we relate to others as well as improve our self-concept. Let’s talk shop for a minute.

According to a 2014 post on New England Board of Higher Education, “people dealing with self-awareness problems blame others around them for things that go wrong and block their awareness of their own responsibility for the problems they face, thus preventing solutions or progress.” Looking back, I can see that this was a problem for me producing frustration not only within myself but also for family closest to me. I made a decision to change this and you can too.

Counseling is one of many ways that can offer opportunity in the busyness of life to be intentional about the change we seek by making and taking time to reflect. The outcome produces a greater sense of self-awareness that promotes a healthier you. Every journey begins with the first step and taking time out to examine our feelings and how they influence our thoughts and attitudes can improve interactions with those most important to us.

Patricia Steiner at Northeastern University makes the point that the alternative to ignoring self-awareness results in self-deception. This blocks the process of self-awareness and creates problems with relating and interacting with others. Despite the busyness of life, we must not allow life to push us into auto-pilot, rather we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to be our best.

This can be accomplished by setting aside time, time to take an honest look at how we are engaging and managing ourselves. Want ideas? Journaling, Bible study, Self-help books, and seeking the assistance of a counselor are just a few of the many ways you can take the first steps toward the change you seek. So what are you waiting for?

Now is the time to explore and find what fits you and your schedule. However, if you choose to neglect growth in self-awareness, it is only going to produce more of the same. I welcome the opportunity to partner with you in this area of self-growth. I am accepting new clients and can offer researched based EMDR as unique tool for improving symptoms related to stress, feeling overwhelmed or lack of motivation. Call my office today at (903)-200-1433 or contact me through to schedule your appointment.

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