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TRUST or Not Trust

Trust can be complicated. We all struggle with trust in areas of our life. If we are honest, we even struggle with it in our spiritual life. When focusing on earthly relationships and the difficulty navigating our feelings with someone, take time to reflect on these 10 pillars of trust to see if one or more of these is in conflict. In other words, is the person you are struggling to love, have patience with, forgive, respect, believe in, rely on, etc. falling short with one or more of the pillars. These pillars foster credibility, reliability, and intimacy.

Activity: 1). Do an inventory with each of these to explore and identify all or some of the internal conflict you may be struggling with in a relationship. 2). Find the evidence that supports the trust pillar/s or the evidence that reveals a deficit. 3). Journal about how this or these interfere with your ability to feel safe (emotionally, relationally, and/or physically) in the relationship. Journaling and exploring your feelings increases self-awareness so that you can feel empowered by the known rather than defeated by the unknown.

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