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Space for Grace Grief

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Have you tried to ignore the deep burden of a terminated pregnancy?  The emotional scars resulting from an abortion are not always  immediate and often are pushed down to be kept down.  The complexity of emotions makes it difficult to seek help or confide in someone.  This group opportunity seeks to provide a safe place for women to come and work through their emotions regardless of where they are in the post-abortive journey.  The group climate is  judgement free where women can discover and explore feelings associated with their decision while feeling supported and encouraged that they are not alone.   Confidentiality is a priority!  This group is designed to promote healing, restoration, and resilience to live life free from shame and guilt. 

Objectives for Group Counseling:

  • Provide a safe and confidential place to begin healing

  • Lessen the burden of the emotional wounds post-abortion

  • Find acceptance and restore hope 

  • Understand the influence of forgiveness

About Group Counseling

Counseling is expensive and not everyone can afford individual sessions even with insurance. Group counseling is an affordable alternative that offers not only effective counseling, but also an opportunity to relate to others. Many immediately dismiss the option for group because they fear judgement and can never imagine disclosing their pain publicly. While this is understandable, we cannot ignore the fact that at our core, we long for deep connections and intimate relationships which play a key role our healing. The interpersonal nature of group therapy not only fosters connections but also provides benefits such as a support network. behavioral modeling and skill building, relatability, and empowerment. Groups are confidential, structured and have standards of operation. Building trust and maintaining the confidentiality of each participant are key to the effectiveness of group work. Some groups are closed, meaning once the group is established no new participants will be added; while others are open. This is where people are free to attend at any time. My groups operate under strict confidentiality expectations with signed contracts and are highly structured for optimizing trust building.

Oberthier Counseling, PLLC

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